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About Us
Custom Performance Strings - Hand made to exceed expectation. 


Each string is hand made by a bowstring journeyman. It is created not only to be a perfect fit to your bow, but also to you draw length, your draw weight, and your type of shooting and sport.

Each string is made up of the highest quality BCT fibers and is pre-tensioned to guarantee no stretching while shooting. Each string can be customized to your specific color or colors.




We are Located in Old Town Coeur d'Alene

As a competitive archer an hunter I came to realize the importance and difference a good high performance string can make. Not finding exactly what I wanted I began to study and learn.  After a number of years I finally began to create a product I could not only use competitively, but be truly proud to make.

Before long other archers I knew, and even competed against began asking me to craft their strings.  A business (of sorts) was born.

I am not a large scale operation.  Just a craftsman skilled at a trade making a custom solution for archers who want more from their bows than off-the shelf and large scale operations can provide.  Sometimes I'm just much faster than their other options, but once they shoot my strings they always come back.

So if you looking for performance, a special color combination, or just a fast turn around I am here to help.

Why only BCY Fibers

BCY Products are made in the U.S.A., and they have prepared a two page document that compares BCY products with those made by Brownell, another leading fiber maker.  You can download that document here.

Note that the performance of bowstring material can be affected by different production methods.

 The comparison between BCY and Brownell products is to help with size and basic specification. It does not confirm that the products are produced in the same way. Type of fiber, percentage of fibers, twist levels, color coatings, wax type, and wax level are some of the things that BCY ensures are right for Archery Bowstring Material.

String Count

As you may know the lowr the string count the faster the arrow. With today's extremely strong materials, a lower number of strands can normally be used safely. Of course it is important to be sure that the center serving is built up to allow a good nock fit when the number of string strands is reduced.

Note also that at a certain point not too far below the manufacturer's recommended number of strands, it is quite likely that the archer will notice an increase in vibration directly after release because there is not enough mass in the string to absorb the "elastic energy" that occurs when the arrow is released.

Out prep

On a standard compound bow, initially 1/2 to 3/4 twists per inch is a suggested range; meaning on a 60" string, you should apply 30 to 45 twists. If you use a material that does not creep, no further twisting will be required. Obviously on single cam strings, more twists may be required because the string is longer.

We have found that a higher twist level reduces peep rotation.

String Life

String life depends on many factors but primarily the number of shots and the condition of the equipment. If an archer is shooting a high poundage bow every day and using a caliper release, the string should be checked very frequently. (Using a string loop will increase string life.) On a lower poundage bow, shooting fingers, the wear would be significantly less, therefore the life of the string much longer. But again, it is the archer's responsibility to check the string and keep it waxed.

There are no rules. We know that with the high quality synthetic materials being used today, thousands of shots can be achieved.

 Archers should also check for tell tale signs of problems such as abrasion (fuzziness), high strands (which indicate a strand breakage underneath the serving), or excessive peep rotation - which can be an indication that one strand may have broken.

There are many reasons for string breakage. One of the most common is burrs in the cams / wheels on compound bows. It is the archer's responsibility to check the string carefully prior to shooting every time.

As stated, thousands of shots can be achieved if the string is checked and maintained properly.

You will note that the colors are all custom and the serving is along all contact points. When you combine this with pre tensioned fibers you end up with a high performance, custom, durable sting that does not change during use.


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